Return Policy

            This return policy is a summary of the terms and conditions specified in the Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Agreement, and is not a decision-making text on its own. Final terms and conditions are as stated in the Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Contract.

            You can return the products you have purchased within 14 days from the date of delivery and get your money back, under the terms and conditions stated below.


  •       The product you purchased must be sent in its original box or packaging, undamaged.
  •       The contents of the box or packaging must be complete as shipped to you. (Product accessories, user manual, warranty card or other promotional items.)
  •       If a promotional product is sent with your product as a gift, these products must be sent undamaged with their original box or packaging.
  •       In line with customer requests, changes etc. Return requests for products that have been processed are not accepted.
  •       In line with the customer's request, return requests for out-of-stock products supplied from domestic or abroad are not accepted. If a prepayment or deposit has been taken for these products and the customer has given up receiving the product, no prepayment or deposit refund will be made.
  •       Companies are required to issue a return invoice and send it together with the goods.


  •       After your product is received by us, its invoice, packaging, accessories and box contents will be checked.
  •       If your return is approved, the payments made by money order based on your payment method will be returned to the IBAN number you have specified, and the payments made by credit or debit card will be returned to your credit or debit card.
  •       If you have used a gift voucher in your orders, the amount on the gift voucher will be deducted from your account and your refund will be made and a new gift voucher with the same amount will be assigned to your account.
  •       If the product is sent with a company other than the cargo company specified in the distance sales contract, the buyer is responsible for the transportation fee.

            For detailed information, you can review the Preliminary Information Form and your Distance Sales Contract.

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